Genius Assets Review

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Genius Assets Review

Genius Assets is a fully automated expert advisor that relies on virtual trades to make profits for users. It also features an update system to enable traders to always work with the newest and most efficient settings consistent with the current market conditions. The software was updated to its current version for both MT4 and MT5 on May 20, 2022. This new version incorporates updated EA entry rules and indicators.  

Genius Assets: to trust or not to trust?

From assessing the different components of the EA, we have learned that the traders currently using it are satisfied with the services it provides. However, the live results tell a different story. By all accounts, the system might be an inactive and risky trader. 


Find below the features of the robot: 

  • It works on two currency plans: EURUSD and GBPUSD.
  • It’s compatible with FIFO.
  • The recommended minimum deposit is $100, while the minimum leverage is 1:10.
  • The system does not utilize the grid, hedge, martingale, or other risky money management techniques.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • The robot works on the H1 timeframe.
  • The EA attaches a stop loss and take profit to each position.

On matters strategy, the vendor says that the EA opens virtual trades in the background and then utilizes them to monitor the market continuously. This enables it to establish the most appropriate entry point. After that, the system will start opening and managing trades on autopilot. 

You can buy Genius Assets’ lifetime license for $650. A rental option is also available at $600 and expires in a year. 

The robot’s price on MQL5.

Backtest results

Backtest results.

The system generated a total net profit of $54602422.30 from 2447 trades. This is after it won 99.75% of the short trades and 99.51% of the long ones. The profit factor (13.61) was quite high, suggesting that the profits made were much higher than the losses incurred. A relative drawdown of 21.71% also tells us that safe trading was applied. On average, the EA had 244 consecutive wins and 1 consecutive loss. 

Trading results

The live trading stats for Genius Assets are available on MQL5, but the problem is that an independent site hasn’t verified them. Even then, let’s examine the outcomes below to get some insight into how the system performs in the real market. 

Live trading data on MQL5.

Genius Assets began trading on this account at the end of April 2022. So far, it has only placed a single trade, which has brought in a profit worth $6.31. The resulting growth rate currently stands at 3.15%, and it hasn’t changed for weeks due to the system’s inactivity. The average holding time for an order is 1 hour. 

Performance of trades.

From the above stats, it is clear that the EA has only placed a buy order, which has been successful. The profit factor cannot be determined yet due to the low activity in the account. We have an average profit of $6.31 and no average loss. 

Low drawdown

Even though the drawdown is low at 19.5%, there is nothing to celebrate yet. You have to remember that it was generated from a single order. So, the value might increase considerably when the robot engages in more trades. 

Vendor transparency

The software was invented by a professional developer named Roman Erokhin. He lives in Russia and has a total of 8 products to his name, including Golden Coup, Golden Fleece, and Angry Lion. So far, the demo versions of these EAs have been downloaded 495 times. Roman has zero trading experience.  

Vendor’s profile on MQL5.

User reviews

Genius Assets has 4 reviews on MQL5, all of which are positive. As per the testimonials, the system is great, profitable, and promising. 

Customer reviews on MQL5.

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