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The FxMAC team promises to make FX trading easier for you. They seek to achieve this through their online managed account services. According to them, their goal of helping retail and institutional investors to attain the highest levels of stable verifiable performances has been achieved. However, we are disturbed by these claims since the company comes across as a scam.

FxMAC: to trust or not to trust?

FxMAC tries hard to convince us that they are a legit service provider but we cannot fall into their trap. We have visited many pages on their official site and learned that the vendor has concentrated on general and less relevant info and left out the most vital stuff. Cases in point are where they fail to post backtest results, detailed background info and trading strategies, and complete trading data. Clearly, this company has something to hide and should not be trusted.  


There are four distinct programs available. The minimum investment for Program 1 is $3,000 or $5,000. The same investment option applies to Program 3. For Program 2 and Bespoke programs, you will be required to invest a minimum of $5,000 and $15,000 respectively. 

FxMAC’s programs.

The vendor describes their services as follows:

  • Recommended brokers include LMFX, FX Choice, Fusion Markets and Vantage FX
  • Charges a 35% performance fee for each of its 4 programs
  • Referral programs are available for investors
  • Offers opportunities for investors to work with them as money managers 
  • Are only interested in teaming up with big institutional partners
  • Preserve their clients’ funds 
  • Asset managers apply a stop loss and take profit to every single position open in their Forex programs
  • They run the programs on the MT4 platform
  • They offer customer support 

The FxMAC team reiterates that they apply a variety of trading strategies. One of them is a trend approach based on candlestick patterns, moving average and Fibonacci levels. Grid or martingale techniques are not applied. The second one is the night trading intraday approach based upon an intricate neural network model that makes it possible for it to adjust to market changes. 

The last method follows the trend steadily, mostly intraday, that closes a majority of the trades within a few hours. Sadly, these strategies are not explained in detail. Therefore, they can easily throw inexperienced traders into confusion. 

Trading results

The company has not posted its backtest results. This is a suspicious move because it shows us that there are things they do not want us to see. Subsequently, we are unable to assess its previous performances and establish if its trading approaches have been profitable in the past or not. 

While the company touts Myfxbook as one of the platforms they utilize to show proof that their programs are effective, we suspect foul play since they have only posted screenshots of their trading results. Links to these results are unavailable. However, we have analyzed stats on one of the images below: 

FxMAC’s trading stats.

This is an account for the Bespoke program. It is not clear when the account was deployed because this information is missing. It was last active on August 3, 2021. The gain is 907.11% while the daily and monthly profits are 0.98% and 33.74% respectively. Obviously, this data is not enough to analyze the overall profitability of the account. 

High drawdown

The drawdown displayed is insanely high. This indicates that this program uses a very trading risky approach. There is a possibility that the asset managers may even be taking unnecessary risks that may be subjecting the investor’s account to a series of avoidable market punches. 

Vendor transparency

The “About Us” section on the official website reveals some information about the vendor. As such, the company is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It has a physical office situated in London, Kemp House which also serves as the venue for personal meetings. FxMAC also indicates that they have been in the market since 2012. However, other pertinent details such as profiles for the team behind their services, achievements, contact details etc are missing. 

Customer reviews

There is a short list of mixed customer reviews for this firm on the Forex Peace Army. Notably, there is a conspicuous warning on FPA’s page stating that FxMAC once attempted to provide false data on performance tests. 

FXMAC page on Forex Peace Army.

There are two discontented customers and one says that he has made losses with the vendor. The other one labels the company a scam as its managers are inexperienced in FX trading. 

Customer complaining about making losses.
Client stating FxMAC is a scam.

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