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FX Lucky Pro

FX Lucky Pro is a trading expert advisor that was designed to get “Benefits From Using Their Expert Advisor – FX Lucky Pro.” The presentation looks poor and lacks much information that would help us to make the right decision. 

FX Lucky Pro presentation

FX Lucky Pro: To Trust or Not to Trust?

We can’t be sure the positive trading results were made by using this robot. At the same time, the EA trades with low frequency. 


There’s no much useful info in the presentation that would help us to identify the system:

  • The EA works automatically on the terminal.
  • The robot takes care of the open orders to close them with profits.
  • It uses various trading patterns simultaneously. It has to increase the total profitability.
  • It works with the AUD/USD currency pair only.
  • The system works only on the H1 time frame.
  • We have to have over $200 on balance to start trading with a 0.01 Lot Size.
  • We can ask for support 24/5.
  • The package includes free updates and upgrades for the robot.
  • The expert advisor runs “the best strategies.”  We couldn’t manage to find any explanations for this statement.
  • The money-management system sets Stop Loss and Take Profit for each deal.
  • The robot’s accuracy rate is 90%.
  • The trading system is based on trend indicators like RSI, Moving Average, and others.
  • The EA calculates Lot Sizes based on our preferable risk.
  • The system has a high-spread and slippage protection.
  • It was tested on the real data during AUD/USD backtesting.
  • The robot scalps on the trend direction.
FX Lucky Pro team
  • There is no info about the team provided.
FX Lucky Pro price

We have two packages on the board. The lifetime Basic package costs $107. It includes one real and one demo account license. The lifetime Standard pack’s price is $127. It’s featured by two real and two demo account licenses. They include 100% auto trading, free upgrades, and support.

Verified Trading Results

FX Lucky Pro backtest

There’s a single AUD/USD backtest on the H1 time frame. The tick data was picked from a 2015-2020 period. The modeling quality was 90.00%. The spreads were wide –  20 pips. There are 32,032 bars in the test. The initial deposit was set at $300. The Total Net Profit has amounted to $124,714.35. The Profit Factor was 43.80. It’s a high number. The maximum drawdown was 12.42% ($12587). It traded 434 deals with 93-93.6% of the win-rate.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

The robot works on a real RUR account. It was created on September 30, 2020, and deposited at 2000 RUR. The margin in use is only 114.16 RUR. The margin level is high – 8,630%.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

The total net return is 367.3%. An average monthly profit is +46.4%. The maximum drawdown is -0.3% only. The win-rate is 92.3% (over mentioned 90%). The Profit Factor is 43.38. An average trade frequency is 0.3 deals a day. The account is on-line for 157 days.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

The Risk to the Reward Ratio is 4.52. The robot works on the account with the lowest possible risks. An average win is 169.00 RUR when an average loss is -46.64 RUR.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

As we can see, there are single symbol trading results.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

The robot trades the BUY direction (44 deals) much more frequently than the SELL direction (8 deals),

FX Lucky Pro trading results

There’s a single magic number.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

Friday is the most traded day (13 deals), but Wednesday is the most profitable – $2703.68.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

The system focuses on trading during the European trading hours.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

In January and February 2021 trading activity of the robot decreased twice compared to the trading activity in December 2020.

FX Lucky Pro trading results

There are several weeks without any deal traded.

Acceptable Drawdowns

FX Lucky Pro Acceptable Drawdowns

The system trades with low drawdowns.

Vendor Transparency

The company has a medium level of transparency because we have trading results, but we know nothing about the system owners.

People feedback

FX Lucky Pro People feedback

We’ve got an empty page of FX Lucky Pro on Forex Peace Army. It doesn’t have testimonials or rates. We can see a connected account and its results.

Other notes

The company doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee. 

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