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FX Diverse

FX Diverse is another Powered by Forex Store robot. As usual, the presentation is simple and not informative. The main claim is that it’s “Super Flexible EA, and it’s a new approach to trading.” Let’s figure out if it’s true. 

FX Diverse: To Trust or Not to Trust?

The robot has been running a real account for six years. It’s a pro. But, at the same time, we have no people’s testimonials at all. 


FX Diverse Features

These three blocks of intel are everything we have explained about how good the system is:

  • FX Diverse works fully automatically for us. 
  • There’s proven profitability and stability.
  • It’s not sensitive to requotes, spreads, and swaps, so it allows us to trade with any broker that we want.
  • The account is verified by Myfxbook.
  • We can set the profit we want to get. 
  • The wiser our choice, the more stable system will work.
  • We can set this number in percent.
  • We can trade from 3 to up to 28 currency pairs.
  • The EA does such a good market analysis.
  • The more pairs you choose, the more often the orders will be opened and the more trades we will have. 
  • Conversely, the fewer pairs we choose, the more accurate orders will be opened, and the entrance to the market will be less frequent.
  • The robot allows starting trading without previous experience.
  • The settings are “intuitive and logical.”
  • There’s a detailed user guide.
  • We can rely on the welcome support that is ready to help us.
FX Diverse pricing

The offer on the site includes two types of packages. The first one is an annual subscription for $235. The second one is a lifetime license for $275. The packages include the same: one license for a demo or real account, free updates, and 24/7 support.

FX Diverse pricing

The offer from Forex Store offers discounts: the $275 pack costs $206 when the $235 pack costs $199. We can rely on a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Verified Trading Results

FX Diverse Myfxbook

The robot has been running a real USD account on FXOpen for years. The leverage is 1:500. The terminal is MT4. The account has a verified track record. It was created on February 12, 2015. Since then, the absolute gain has become +1571.69%. An average monthly gain is 3.77%. The maximum drawdown is 47.15%. The account is tracked by 46 people.

FX Diverse advanced statistics

There were 2443 deals traded with 6689 pips. An average win is 123.39 pips when an average loss is -152.60 pips. The win rate is 57% for Longs and 55% for Shorts. An average trade length is 17 days. The Profit Factor is 1.32.

FX Diverse trading results

As we can see, many currency pairs are not profitable at all.

FX Diverse trading results

The system focuses on trading during the European trading session and a bit during the other sessions.

FX Diverse trading results

Tuesday (679 deals) is the most traded day.

FX Diverse trading results

The robot works with medium risks to the account balance. There’s a 21.49% chance to lose 10% of the balance.

FX Diverse trading results

As we may not, there are no short-term deals at all. The lot size info is closed. So, most likely, there’s Martingale.

FX Diverse monthly gain

The monthly profitability goes down significantly.

Vendor Transparency

The vendor has no transparency. Everything we know that’s the advisor is powered by Forex Store. That’s it.

People feedback

We have no customer feedback published on Forex Store, Trustpilot, or Forex Peace Army. It’s suspicious because for the advisor that has been working for years, there should be testimonials from clients on third-party websites as well as on the dev’s website. 

Other notes

Trading results in 2021 are far from being good. They are two-three times less than an average monthly gain. It means the system urgently requires updates.

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