Former Intelligence Officer Testifies on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena

by Warren Seah

A former intelligence officer, who has now become a whistleblower, testified under oath on Wednesday about the existence of “unidentified anomalous phenomena,” commonly referred to as unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

Government Possession of UAPs

During a House subcommittee hearing, David Grusch confirmed that the U.S. government indeed has possession of UAPs. He based his assertion on extensive interviews conducted over four years with more than 40 witnesses.

Recovered Pilots and Biologics

Grusch was also asked whether the government possesses the bodies of pilots who flew these unidentified crafts. In response, he stated that some recoveries involved the discovery of “biologics,” emphasizing that these entities were “nonhuman.”

Denied Access to Crash-Retrieval and Reverse-Engineering Program

Furthermore, Grusch revealed that while fulfilling his official duties, he was made aware of a “multidecade UAP crash-retrieval and reverse-engineering program” from which he was intentionally excluded. Prior to becoming a whistleblower, Grusch had served as an officer with the Defense Department’s National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

House Oversight Committee’s Subpanel for National Security Hearing

Grusch’s testimony took place during a highly anticipated hearing conducted by the House Oversight Committee’s subpanel for national security. Previously, he had made similar statements to media outlets NewsNation and The Debrief.

Injuries and Retaliation

Among his other claims, Grusch disclosed that he possessed personal knowledge of individuals who had been injured in cover-ups related to extraterrestrial technology. Additionally, he stated that he had experienced severe retaliation since coming forward as a whistleblower.

Pentagon Spokeswoman Disputes Claims of Extraterrestrial Materials

A Pentagon spokeswoman has refuted claims made by Grusch, stating that there is no verifiable evidence to support the existence of any programs involving extraterrestrial materials. The spokeswoman emphasized that no information has been found to substantiate the alleged possession or reverse engineering of such materials in the past or present.

Concerns Over National Security

During a hearing on Wednesday, a retired Navy commander named David Fravor expressed his belief that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) pose a threat to national security. Known for his encounter with a UFO resembling a Tic Tac candy in 2004, Fravor testified under oath about the superior technology exhibited by these craft.

Fravor expressed concern regarding the lack of oversight from elected officials regarding the U.S. government’s involvement in UAP-related work.

Promising Response from Lawmakers

Lawmakers from both Democratic and Republican parties vowed to take action on the issue of unidentified crafts. They acknowledged the need for a secure and transparent reporting process for pilots in both commercial and military sectors to report UAPs.

Democratic Representative Robert Garcia of California stated, “One clear outcome of this hearing is the necessity of creating a safe and transparent reporting process for pilots. This applies to both the commercial and military sectors.”

Republican Representative Tim Burchett of Tennessee expressed his hope for further hearings and encouraged more individuals to come forward with information.

White House’s Stance

White House spokesman John Kirby addressed the UFO hearing during a press briefing. He emphasized the importance of transparency, acknowledging that although they strive to be as open as possible, they do not possess definitive answers regarding these phenomena.

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