Features of a Scalping System

by Warren Seah
forex scalping chart

Due to the nature, this strategy can double or triple an account within a short period of time. Recently, this kind of strategy has been selling very well due to its nature of earning money fast.

Ideal Features of a Scalping System

  1. High winning rate (Greater than 80%)
  2. Profit Factor Must be High (Greater than 1.5)
  3. Average profit/average loss (very low)
  4. Average Consecutive wins (At least 5-10 x more than Average Consecutive Lost)
  5. Maximal Draw-down ( less than 20%)
  6. Small Take profit
  7. Huge stop loss
  8. Trades is usually intraday or very short period of time ( few mins to hours)


1. Huge Stop Loss

The high winning rate for the system compensates for the huge stop loss. Another indicator is average consecutive wins must be at least 5 times more than the average consecutive lost. This ensures that 1 big loss can be recovered by 5-10 winning trades.

2. Spread Dependent

Due to the small take profit level, a broker that provides very small spread is crucial to making profits with this system. This strategy will only work with certain good brokers. Scam brokers will manipulate spread during the scalping hours to prevent you from making money.

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