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EFC Indicator
Trading Strategy Guides

Today’s software to review is the Trading Strategy Guides’ indicator called – EFC Indicator. From the promo, we know that it can find winning trades within sixty seconds.

EFC Indicator presentation

EFC Indicator: To Trust or Not to Trust?

It’s hard to tell because it’s an indicator, and developers provided no backtests reports and trading results. Trusting it blindly will be unwise. 


Let’s talk about EFC Indicator’s features:

  • It works with different platforms like MT4, Ninja Trader 7, and Ninja Trader 8.
EFC Indicator Features
  • The indicator checks RSI data to find the reverse trend opportunities.
  • It marks Divergence Detection, so we’ll be prepared to open a trade.
  • When a BUY or SELL indicator lights, it’s time to open the order with the provided Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Entry Price.
  • The Indicator marks only trades that can provide 1 risk to 3 reward ratio.
EFC Indicator Features
  • It automatically sets a 50-candles look-back bar.
EFC Indicator Features
  • With this indicator, we can place a pending order to get in trade automatically.
EFC Indicator Features
  • As we can see, the indicator can hypothetically work on any time frame.
EFC Indicator EFC scanner
  • EFC scanner looks for trade opportunities on all charts, including Gold. 
EFC Indicator EFC scanner
  • The marks on the scanner tell us about what chart and what direction the market will go.
  • It allows funding up to 210 trading setups through a single dashboard.
  • It supports notifications via pop-ups, email, and smartphone.
  • EFC Indicator sells for $99. The pack includes an indicator, allowing trading only on MT4, backtest (??), strategy report (?), and 20 strategies (?). It’s completely unclear and messy.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but we are not sure what you can expect for refunds. 

Verified Trading Results

The developers provided no trading results or backtest reports. They don’t use the software they made to make profits. They don’t make money on trading, but on selling something to us.

High Drawdown

If there are no trading results, so there’s no drawdown report.

Vendor Transparency

EFC Indicator Vendor Transparency

It’s hard to tell about “transparency” because the presentation looks like a total scam. They counted a $40-$70 indicator as software that should cost $2997. They treat potential clients as pigeons. 

EFC Indicator price

The same we can see here: fake and lies. Indicators cost $30-$70 on the MQL5 forum.

EFC Indicator support

It’s an absolute scam to sell support to clients who have already bought a product with inbuilt and calculated in the price support. Selling it for $500 is a scam.

EFC Indicator download-free books

Here, they tried to sell download-free books and calculated them at $2997. 

Testimonials and mentions

EFC Indicator customer reviews

Testimonials tell exactly what we mentioned: no proven trading results, sustainable refund policy, and endless spam via email.

EFC Indicator customer reviews

As we can see, the developers practice selling to someone card data.

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