Dominion Energy Proposes Battery-Storage Pilot Project in Virginia

by Warren Seah

Dominion Energy, a leading utility company based in Richmond, Virginia, has submitted a request for regulatory approval for a battery-storage pilot project. This innovative project aims to enhance the discharge time of batteries connected to the grid, thus improving the overall efficiency of energy storage.

The proposed pilot project will be located at Dominion Energy’s Darbytown Power Station in Henrico County. It will explore two alternative types of batteries: iron-air batteries developed by Form Energy and zinc-hybrid batteries developed by Eos Energy Enterprises. These alternatives could potentially outperform the currently available lithium-ion batteries by offering extended discharge times.

Form Energy’s iron-air technology, in particular, has demonstrated promising capabilities, with the potential to discharge energy for up to 100 hours. This represents a significant advancement compared to existing battery technologies.

Eos Energy Enterprises, headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, plans to contribute 16 megawatt hours of storage to the proposed project, showcasing its commitment to advancing sustainable energy initiatives.

Pending regulatory approval, Dominion Energy anticipates commencing construction by late 2024, with the goal of making the project operational by late 2026.

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