Dark Gold Review

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Dark Gold

Dark Gold is a trading solution for Forex that could help us to work with Gold, Bitcoin, EURUSD, GBPUSD, and other currencies. The presentation doesn’t look great and well-written. So, we have to guess a lot to understand if the system fits our trading style. 

Dark Gold: to trust or not to trust?

No, we cannot trust the robot. The system works on the account that is marked by MQL5 watchdogs as the one with low reliability. So, our investments can be in danger. 


Let’s talk about what we’ve got in features, settings, and other useful details. 

  • We can expect automatic trading from the system on our account. 
  • The main strategy is scalping. 
  • The trading is allowed on Gold, Bitcoin, EURUSD, and GBPUSD. 
  • It analyzes Support and Resistance indicators before placing an order on the market.
  • “If we Buy this Expert Advisor we can write a feedback at market and get Dark Support Resistance indicator (or a second EA) for Free, for More info we have to contact a developer.”
  • It seeks trend moves to ride on them. 
  • We have to instal the system based on a user manual. 
  • The time frames to work with are M5, M15, and H1. 
  • An account type should be ECN. 
  • A VPS service is a great option to increase execution speed. 
  • The leverage is up to us. 


Dark Gold pricing details.

The system can be bought for $49 only. It’s the cheapest possible price. We have no rental options. We can download a demo copy of the system.  The owner doesn’t support us with refunds. 

Verified trading results

We have no backtest reports provided about how the system worked with the past data and what company was a tick data provider, so we know we can work with this broker house and be good. It’s a con, no doubt. 

Dark Gold trading results.

The system works on a real ForexChief account with common leverage of 1:500. The accuracy is medium – 66.4%. The maximum drawdown is 63.6%, while the maximum deposit load is 35.2%. The numbers aren’t healthy. The absolute growth is 330.60%. An initial deposit was $100. The signal’s reliability is too low to trust this robot. 

Trading details of the system.

The trading frequency is 255 deals a week. It’s too much. An average holding time is 8 hours. 

Dark Gold growth chart.

The growth chart matches an average line. 

Dark Gold closed orders.

We may note that the dev removed data. 

Dark Gold statistics.

Dark Told has executed 1886 orders. The best trade is $111.41 when the worst trade is -$39.81. The recovery factor is 7.03 when the profit factor is 2.05. An annual forecast is 998.23%. 

Dark Gold warnings.

The warnings went one after one. 

High drawdowns

Dark Gold drawdown chart.

The system works with huge drawdowns if the market goes in the opposite direction. 

Vendor transparency

People testimonials.
Customer testimonial.

For many clients, the system hasn’t started working properly.

The dev’s profile.

Marco Solito is a developer from Italy with a 166,786 rate. He has  30 products in a portfolio. The final rate is 5 based on 1405 testimonials.

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