Botee.Trade Review: Is it a Good Crypto Bot for 2022?

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Botee.Trade Review: Is it a Good Crypto Bot for 2022?

Botee.Trade is a trading solution that was designed to help its owner with executing orders completely automatically on an exchange. The system can be used by professional traders. It can perform bitcoin and altcoin trading for us 24/7.

How does Botee.Trade crypto bot function?


The system seeks for trading opportunities. Then it opens one or several orders to obtain some profits. It works through API keys with our profile on an exchange. 

Botee.Trade review–positive aspects

  • We can trade on four exchanges
  • Allows to trade with any account balance

Botee.Trade review–negative aspects

  • Information about the developers team

Time in business

According to the presentation, the devs have been working since 2017. 


We don’t know if they have a reputation that would convince us. There’s no intel even about the developers who design the platform. 

Supported exchanges

The advisor supports only four exchanges: BitMex, Binance, BitFinex, and HitBTC.

UI of Botee.Trade

The advisor uses the flexible user interface that can be configured as we want.

Key features of Botee.Trade

The system includes various settings and details that are explained in the presentation. Alas, there are not enough of them to understand how stable the advisor can perform.

  • The robot can execute orders completely automatically on our exchange profile.
  • It’s easy to start working with this solution.
  • We can perform backtests before deploying the system on a real market. 
  • It’s possible to customize the system as we want.
  • It will work on our browser.
  • The service supports mobile versions of the system.
  • We can customize indicators, trading data, and other important details.
  • It works in both directions: BUY and SELL ones.
  • The system can work effectively with a strategy.
  • It secures your trading from losses and manages bags.
  • We can create, test, and optimize our strategy architecture
  • It uses the following indicators MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastic, and Stochastic RSI.
  • There’s a trailing stop loss feature available.
  • We can apply dynamic SL and TP levels.
  • It’s possible to trade with leverage on Bitfinex.
  • We are even allowed to change the basic strategy.
  • We can choose the input data such as trades, candles or orderbook.
  • It’s possible to set different time frames for various indicators.
  • It’s an easy solution to get started.
  • We can work with it on any device.
  • It’s possible to manage a bot via smartphone.
  • The developers will apply notifications soon.
  • We can monitor the system via Telegram or Discord either.
  • It doesn’t have access to our funds.
  • The system works through API keys.
  • The system doesn’t have permission to withdraw our account.

How to get started on Botee.Trade?

We have to set the system to our profile on exchange via API keys. Then, we have to customize settings to get started.

How secure is Botee.Trade?

The system is secure because it works via API keys that don’t allow a robot to get access to our funds. Anyway, it can simply lose orders and waste an account in this way.

Customer support

The developers provide support via email only. 

Are traders happy with Botee.Trade?

Alas, Botee.Trade doesn’t have verified Trustpilot testimonials provided. So, it’s hard to predict if the system works well for us.

Pricing and fees

The robot is available via three paid packages. The Standard package costs $60 for every month. The deposit shouldn’t be higher than $10,000. The Advanced pack costs $120 for every month. We can get Telegram & discord notification and end-to-end analytics in addition. The account is limited by a deposit of $100,000. The Superior package costs $270 monthly. We will get priority support extra. The account max deposit is $300,000. There’s no refund policy applied.

Is a free trial available?

We can get a free trial for seven days. The package allows us to have backtests, paper trading, live trading, but it’s limited to a deposit of $1,000. 

Languages supported

The robot only supports English.

What kinds of traders is Botee.Trade best suited for?

The system looks like a solution only for professional traders.

Company information

We don’t know details about the company. Everything we have that they started working on in 2017. 

Botee.Trade verdict: should you get it a try?

Botee.Trade is a trading solution that provides us with the opportunity to work with a default robot or customize our own robots based on the settings and data from provided indicators. The presentation looks averagely informative. So, we have explanations about how we can customize or design our own trading bot. Also, the offer includes no refunds and the presentation isn’t featured by a refund policy.

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