Best 5 Dogecoin Mining Pools in 2022

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Best Dogecoin Mining Pools

What is crypto mining?

Mining, in the context of crypto, is a mathematical activity that is carried out by computers and is repeated until a valid hash value is discovered. As the difficulty of mining new coins escalates with the development in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, individual miners often find it impossible to compete in today’s mining business. Mining a block becomes increasingly difficult as the number of miners increases and mining equipment becomes more efficient.

What are mining pools?

Mining pools are groups of individual crypto miners who pool their mining resources (hashing power) together so that they can discover blocks more frequently and faster.

The following are two of the most popular ways mining pools share their profits.

Pay-per-Share: If you’re a member of the Pay-per-Share (PPS) pool, you’ll get immediate payouts dependent on how many shares you’ve accepted. You will not have to wait until a new block has been generated in order to pay out your crypto as long as the mining pool properly recognizes your contributions.

Proportional (PROP): At the end of each mining cycle, shares are distributed proportionally to the amount of gold mined. The amount you’ll receive is determined by how much hashing power you contribute to the pool.

How DOGE mining works

Dogecoin employs the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which is similar to what Bitcoin employs. Therefore if you have the equipment to mine BTC, you can also mine Dogecoin. However, DOGE ASIC miners are different from BTC ASIC miners.

You should make sure you’ve chosen the best equipment possible for mining in order to get the most out of it. Dogecoin employs the Scrypt hashing algorithm. Notably, Scrypt’s SHA-256 hashing requires less computing power than Bitcoin’s SHA-256 hashing algorithm.

Work units are assigned to each member of a mining pool so that no one is doing the same thing at the same time. The probability of the pool mining a new block increases with each successful computation of a work unit. An individual miner can ask for more work after completing their allotted task. The amount of labor each member is assigned depends on their computer capacity.

There are a variety of ways in which mining pools distribute their profits. Nonetheless, your portion of the mining pool’s output will always be your anticipated reward, no matter what type of sharing algorithm is used. Below, we look at the best Dogecoin mining pools.

Best Dogecoin Mining Pools



Using Proshashing, you can mine Dogecoins while simultaneously getting paid in DOGE. Other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether are also options for receiving your Dogecoin mining payout. In this pool, miners receive rewards using the Pay Per Share system.

To maximize your mining experience, Prohashing deposits funds directly into your wallet or bank account. However, before you can withdraw without incurring any fees, you must pay a 4.99% fee to the pool. 



When you submit a valid share to Litecoinpool, the current PPS rate is applied to your account. There is a transparent PPS incentive scheme in place at No physical servers or regulatory entity exists to control the mined currencies, making it decentralized.  There are no fees or restrictions on withdrawals from the pool. Miners, on the other hand, can only be compensated in Litecoin. The security of the miners is a top priority for the developers of this pool. In fact, they claim to be the first pool to use a TLS-encrypted stratum connection to secure their members.



With 100 active participants and 14 additional scrypt coins, Aikapool is the first Dogecoin mining pool. There are 10 other scrypt algorithms that you can mine on Aikapool with Dogecoin if you choose. Hashrate in Aikapool’s pool is 186.55 GH/s.  You need to join Aikapool and enter the port number provided on the webpage into your mining program.

The available currencies will be shown to you once you have completed the registration process on Aikapool. Some possibilities are restricted because of the lack of registration in the Dogecoin Pool. It is possible to receive daily updates to the list of accessible experiences on a regular basis. In the PROP system, the miners are compensated and the pool operator is not exposed to any danger. For beginners, Aikapool is a good choice because of its user-friendliness.


1Coinpool start page

Litecoin and Dogecoin mining rigs are used by this pool. At least three blocks are mined every week by the pool, which uses the PROP payout method. Workers are compensated based on the amount of effort they put in during a given round. A miner’s rewards are automatically transferred to their wallet, which is a great time-saver.


Multipool start page

In addition to Dogecoin, Multipool offers mining for Litecoin and Verge, with payouts given in DOGE. To “merge mine” using Multipool, simply select two coins that have similar hash rates. Mining in 20 different currencies is supported, and it automatically shifts to the most profitable currency at any given time.

As long as you just withdraw the minimum amount, there will be no fees. Instant payment is also a huge advantage over other services.

In summary

In the end, pool mining is a crucial part of the crypto mining industry. Small-scale miners may still compete with the big boys and earn a profit because of this system’s support. For optimal results, DOGE miners pool their resources and share the rewards they earn according to a predetermined sharing mechanism in order to maximize profitability.

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